Oklahoma’s premium vertically-integrated medical cannabis company.

Oklahoma’s top agricultural geneticist, Ganja Buds is a vertically-integrated genetics, cultivation, processing and dispensary company selling premium cannabis strains and products for the Oklahoma medical cannabis patients.

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Cannabis Of The Highest Quality

Ganja Buds is a vertically-integrated cannabis company that cultivates the highest quality cannabis from seed to sale.  Our flower is grown specifically to maximize the quality and quantity of terpenes in order to provide the best value and most powerful medicinal effect for our patients.  We grow our flower from our own engineered seeds and strains, thoroughly test and process our flower, and then sell directly to our patients from our dispensary in Oklahoma City.  We demand nothing but the best from ourselves, and our customers can tell!

Sales, Deals, Offers

We are currently running these deals for our patients:

  • 20% for first-time patients
  • 10% off all products on Saturday
  • 10% off Edibles on Munchies Monday
  • 10% off concentrates on Wax Wednesdays

Cannabis Of The Highest Quality

Ganja Buds flower is of the highest quality and is grown with maximum sustainability.

  • Our farm is entirely carbon neutral
  • Low input, low cost, sun-grown with living soil
  • Sustainable and efficiently grown and harvested for peak quality

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